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One of pump installed during WASH Projects . READ MORE

One of pump installed during WASH Projects . READ MORE

Welcome to HWSO

The HWSO started working actively after the heavy rain fall flood in upper Sindh 2010. It is registered under Trust Act 1961 with registration No. 1431 in Sindh dated 1st Mar 2009, Pakistan.


The HWSO a community based organization having strong Management System, Financial System, Engineers, Doctrors including Paramedic Staff, Strong Social Moblization System in vulnerable selected areas. read more


HWSO Emergency Response Team was already operational in the affected areas of Pakistan and being humanitarian organization, HWSO was ready to respond to the affectees in the worst affected and deserving areas with other local and international organizations. read more

Recent Projects

HWSO is providing skill development opportunities for men and women equally. In educational sector, we have opened schools in which students who can't afford education are taking admissions. Along with food and shelter, we are also providing sweet water in remote areas. We have installed several water pumps in many villages during WASH projects. read more

The Message from CEO


I am very proud on our team, working hand in hand with the communities that we serve has overcome barriers and obstacles to achieve our successes. We are continuously striving to improve the lives of the disadvantaged communities.

In collaboration with our vigilant team which empowers disadvantaged people to be the key authors of their own development. It has been a privilege to see communities utilizing and building their strengths to take greater control of their lives. Together we will continue to make a difference! To HWSO’s partners, staff, volunteers, community leaders, and members.

The Message from Director Programs

CEO I am pleased to address that as Chief Executive Officer make me apart of this organization and I am glad to see here my colleagues those are vigilant and earnestly working together. In any organization in the word cannot move toward the sky unless the best team builders are there and they have enthusiasm of work and good arranged obedience.
I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your commitment to our work. You are the driving force of HWSO’s efforts to overcome challenges to effectively implement our projects, and to achieve our goals.

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